5 Best Flowers for Delivery

Flowers make great gifts for all occasions. They express various feelings and emotions. That is why, the expression 'say it with flowers' is often used. Flowers also uplift the mood and their beauty brings a sense of joy and happiness. Thus, whatever the occasion, the best way to show love and concern for a person, is to send flowers. Although one can send flowers of various types across the world, there are a few which are more suitable than others for delivery over long distances due to their sturdiness. Some of these are mentioned below:


Roses, especially red roses, are a symbol of love. Sending roses is a very good way to express one's love for another person. Their beauty, fragrance and wide range of colors, make them the most commonly chosen flowers for delivery. Also, the long stemmed roses last for long time when placed in water. Thus, they are suitable for delivery over long distances.


Chrysanthemums are tough and can be easily sent to faraway places. They can be transported without any breakage of their pets. They also come in a wide variety of colors and forms. Furthermore, these flowers represent truth and fidelity. Therefore, one can send these flowers to his spouse, lover, friend or business associate and express his good intentions towards them.


Although they appear to be very fragile, they are sturdy and tough. Their pets and stems do not break during transportation when they are fresh. They are available in white, pink and lavender with florets covering the top part of their spiky stems. These flowers are associated with feelings of romance and represent an open heart.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise are tropical flowers, native to South Africa. The name comes from the flower's appearance and shape, which is similar to the head and beak plumage of a bird. They are available in bright colors like yellow and orange. These flowers are very tough and do not get damaged when delivered over long distances. Thus, they arrive fresh on the recipient's and make a very good impression.


These are spike flowers which multiple small florets cover their stems. They are also known as Virginia stock. They have a sweet fragrance and are available in hues of red, white, pink or lilac. Their thick stems make them one of the most suitable flowers for delivery, as these stems prevent any damage to the flowers during transportation. These flowers represent a happy life and contentment.

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