Abnormal hair loss leads to baldness. A human scalp has about 90,000 to 150,000 hairs. Hairs usually grow from the roots. There roots are called as follicles by professionals. Each follicle has been touched with the blood vessels. These blood vessels have to nourish the hairs to grow well. The hair growth cycle may differ from person from person.

What is the normal growth cycle of hairs?

There are two phases of follicles on the scalp. One is the growth phase and the other is the rest phase. The growth phase consists of 90% of hairs on the scalp and the remaining 10% of the scalp belongs to the rest phase. When the follicles are in growth phase, hairs can live up to 5 years then they will fall off. When it moves to the rest phase, hairs will last up to 4 months. This is the normal growth cycle.

How baldness occurs?

The average number of hair fall is up to 150 hairs per day. If it increases abnormally, then baldness occurs. In other words, when your growth phase in very slow and rest phase is very high, then baldness starts to occur. Therefore hair fall will be fast but the replacement of hair growth will be very slow.

Who suffers more by the baldness?

Undoubtedly men are suffering a lot by this baldness more than women in UK. This baldness is known as male patterned baldness. This pattern tends to be permanent for the life time of men. In this case, the hairs will start to fall from the top of the head. Then it moves towards the back and gradually a bald spot forms. There is no connection between this baldness and the physical discomfort.

Why baldness occurs?

In most cases, the cause for the baldness is hereditary. In some other cases, hormonal imbalance is another cause for baldness. Baldness will not occur due to wearing hats. It is impossible to get back the lost hair by massaging, brushing, or shampooing. The growth of hair can be stimulated to a certain extent. Most professionals say that stress can be the main cause for abnormal hair fall or baldness.

Is there any affordable remedy?

There are some affordable treatments for this baldness like herbal shampooing, herbal remedies, wigs, transplants, medications and a few home remedies.

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