Pros And Cons Of Being A Tattoo Designer

Tattoo designers are one of the most well paid jobs in the industry. However, it is not that easy to…

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How And When To Use Por, Para and Porque in Spanish

Some beginner students (and advanced) usually have some problems with when they should use POR, PARA or PORQUE and it…

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EU referendum odds bet for Remain or Brexit?

The choice faced by British voters in the EU referendum today is in some ways as simple as a coin…

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Referendum Issue for Constitution

The recent hot issue in Thailand nowadays is about Referendum for the new charter of Thailand. After the temporary draft…

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The Mahdi, The Irish Referendum – Bumps Along the Eschatological Highway

The elite of this world are neither huddling in some deep underground musing through secret papers nor sitting in the…

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What is Voter Initiative and Referendum?

One of the first lessons you learn in American history is that our country is a democratic one and that…

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The Quebec Referendum, Again!

NOVEMBER 4, 1995… It is early on Saturday, and I am out early for my morning walk. The air is…

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Referendum Every 15 Years In Quebec

Recently Michael Fortier proposed an idea to hold a referendum in Quebec every 15 years. At first glance you have…

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Does EU Repatriation and Renegotiation Equal A Referendum?

A pattern is fast emerging amongst those politicians, particularly within the Eurosceptic camp, who appear to continually sit on the…

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A Tale of Two Referendums

The news that the UK might finally get an in/out referendum on EU membership by the end of 2017 will…

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