What are OFNP, OFNR, OFNG and OFCG? Understanding Fiber Optic Cable Fire Ratings

Just like copper cables, NEC (National Electrical Code) requires indoor fiber optic cables be marked with their fire and smoking…

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Mergers and Acquisition – A Case Study and Analysis of HP-Compaq Merger

Brief Description The following is a brief description of the two companies: HP It all began in the year 1938…

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Reverse Phone Services That Use PayPal

As we all know, PayPal is one of the most secure payment forms on the internet and they provide you…

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How to Put an Army IRR Packet Together

Packet requirements, what you need to include in your IRR packet: 1. IRR packet checklist, based on Figure B-59 of…

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The Impact of Marketing in the Society – Can We Really Make a Difference?

Definitions Marketing is generally thought of as the process of promoting goods and services to the end user. We can…

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The Importance of Family Love

I wonder if someone could explain this in words. No not at all, it is not easy to hold the…

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Couples Making Love Positions – Positions For Better Love Making

In the Kama Sutra manual, it has recorded different kinds of love making positions that couples can adopt during sex.…

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Categories of Ethical Dilemmas in Business

First published in Exchange, the magazine of the Brigham Young University School of Business, the following twelve categories were developed…

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Second Chance Account – The Advantages and Disadvantages

There are many pros and cons associated with second chance accounts – you want to make sure you evaluate these…

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Always Have Boogers? Main Causes and Reasons Why!

Boogers are a fact of life; they come into the world with you and typically show up from time to…

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