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Double Glazed Windows Means Being More Energy Efficient

Double glazed windows are generally made by sandwiching two panes of glazed glass. Even though these panes may seem as though they are put together, they are actually separated by a very small gap which is often only millimeters thick. This gap is the key to preventing heat loss – the gap contains air which acts as an insulator. In some cases, this gap is also filled with argon gas, which is denser and thus provides even more effective insulating properties. These windows come with a variety of frame styles that help preserve your home’s aesthetic quality.

The end results are numerous – not only do these windows help stop heat loss, they can also help cut down on noise pollution, a boon to those who live near noisy environments. Homeowners can expect to see a 10% reduction of their home’s heating costs. The energy savings that such windows offer in the long run means that these windows can often pay for themselves. Also, these windows are a good home improvement addition for those who live in cold climates, thanks to their aforementioned heat insulation properties. And if you are concerned about home security, the twice-glazed windows make for an excellent passive security device, making it harder for intruders to break into your home.

For those who want to forgo the expense of installing the windows, or for those who don’t want to change the exterior appearance of their home, there is an alternative option. Homeowners can opt for secondary glazing, which consists of adding a second pane of glazed glass to the interior portion of a preexisting pane. The biggest benefits are the reduced expense of installation and maintenance, and the fact that this method preserves the outward appearance of the home. Those who choose secondary glazing can enjoy some of the benefits that double glazed windows offer.

While they can be a potentially expensive item, the benefits that these windows offer are well worth the investment. It is best to view your home improvement purchase as one that can provide long term savings while providing short term comfort and increased aesthetic and resale value.

Source by Emily Davies

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