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Even Zig Ziglar Would not Want to Be a UK Estate Agent!

It's not a good time to be an Estate Agent. During my career, I can not remember a time when an Estate Agent actually had to do any selling. I came into property from a short spell in the world of Mobile phones, where things were a whole lot different. There was a strict sales process, high targets and a great deal of pressure rolling down from above onto the heads of the front line sales staff. Good salespeople would probably sell 10 contracts a week at about £ 7 commission per contract. Nothing really to write home about!

It was very different in Estate Agency though. No sales process to talk about. Buyers left right and center eagerly approaching you to put their offer in on a certain property. In reality the job was more about how quickly you could phone your leads and process the deal as opposed to actually selling. Zig Ziglar need not apply – 90% of success was just showing up!

Times have seriously changed though. Look at the stats for the total numbers of properties sold in the month of June over the last three years:

2006 124,000 sold
2007 105,000 sold
2008 18,000 sold

The drop-off has been astounding! I would now go as far to say that you need to be as good as Zig Ziglar just to make a living.

If you need to sell your house (as opposed to just fancying a move) then it is imperative that you get the right Estate Agent helping you, and make sure you give them access to the full arsenal of methods. I find it hard to believe that some people are still saying no to a "For Sale" board in this market. That's like sending a boxer out to fight with one hand behind their back.

Source by Ross Taylor

Author: mirani

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